COVID-19 Secure Measures

We take the safety of our staff and students very seriously. We have changed lots of things in the school to make things as safe as possible! Here is what to expect when you study with us.

Smaller Class Sizes

Our maximum class size is now between 3 and 6 students (depending on the room). This is a big reduction from the 12 before lockdown!

You will either have 2m between you and other people or a physical barrier tokeep you safe.


Face Coverings 

You'll have to wear a mask or face covering in the stairs, hallway and other common areas. However, you can take it off when you sit down in class if you want. You won't have to wear it for most of the class, but during some parts, your teacher will ask you to put it on. For example, when you are writing something and they need to come closer to you to see your book.

Changed Class Times

Different classes will start at different times, so you won't meet too many people in the hallways or on the stairs. We'll email you the exact start time for your classes before you start!

Extra cleaning 

We will provide hand sanitiser and we will clean every class before and after. Please sanitise your hands when you enter the school and wash your hands regularly.

Cards not cash 

We will only accept cashless payments to reduce the amount of contact between you and the staff members. You can also pay online from our website.

Appointment-only reception 

Please email us to arrange an appointment if you would like to see reception. Of course, we can also help answer your questions by email or by arranging a Zoom/Skype call!  Please come to your appointment alone. We have suspended our waiting area/kitchen area in order to reduce the number of people in the school at any one time. Therefore we cannot have any family, friends, kids or partners waiting in reception/kitchen.


You can have free tea or coffee in school. Just ask reception for your own mug, which you mustn't share with anyone else.

Students with Symptoms

If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 (a continuous cough, a high temperatue or change in sense of taste/smell), please don't come! Just tell us and we'll pause your course. Alternatively, if you are taking a full-time course, we can replace your classes with some online private classes. Just check our terms and conditions or ask us for more information.